At AVP, customer satisfaction is our ultimate commitment and the cornerstone of our success.

AVP is committed to create value that increases our customer’s success through our superior product, prompt & expedited services and continuous technology innovation.

AVP is committed to ensuring its products meet or exceed customer expectations in all respects along the product life cycle. We are committed to continuous improvement in our performance and to seek the best solutions in order to fulfill our customer’s needs and or requests.

We offer the following services:

Field Service

  • Off/On-site system field service support on various thin film deposition and etching tools.

Hardware Upgrades

  • Hardware upgrades and reconfiguration of legacy OEM deposition and etch tools.
  • Latest up to date hardware to protect against obsolescence.
  • Significantly improve tool performance, reliability and extended tool life time.
  • Industry proven process to reduce process development time and effort.
  • Configurable to customer requirements.
  • Lower cost and short lead time.

Custom Design

  • Custom Design of IBE Sources
  • Custom design of vacuum and sputter/etch systems.

System Controls Upgrade

  • New DeviceNet/PLC control system and SEMI standard software.
  • More reliable and flexible process and maintenance.

Film Deposition & Etching

  • AVP Sputtering Systems Capability
  • PDC Magnetron Reactive or RF magnetron sputter dielectrics
  • DC sputter magnetic materials and other metals
  • RF bias for sputter etching and deposition with bias
  • Water Cooled wafer chuck
  • Typical deposition Uniformity: 1Sigma < 1.5%
  • AVP IBE Systems Capability
  • High, medium and low power etching
  • Typical etching rate: 2~90nm/min
  • Typical etching Uniformity: 1Sigma < 1.5%
  • Wafer Sizes and Type
  • Deposition: Typically <= 8” wafer; Si, Glass, AlTiC, and others
  • IBE Etching: Typically <= 8” wafer or < 9.5” Platen; Si, Glass, AlTiC, and others
  • Thin film characterization and analysis
  • Four Point Probe
  • Ellipsometer
  • Quality Control
  • Fully understand customer specifications
  • Setup proper process details
  • Process qualification prior customer wafer run
  • Record monitor data
  • Send process report to customer