A leading Chinese MEMS manufacturer has selected AVP cluster thin film deposition and ion beam etching technology and equipment for its magnetic sensor manufacturing in Shanghai, China.

AVP is a leading PVD manufacturing equipment supplier for the magnetic thin films deposition and etching. It has developed many magnetic thin film processes that are widely used in manufacturing for hard-drive and magnetic sensor industries.

AVP has cooperated with its Chinese customer since last year. “We are extremely pleased and proud to work with our Chinese customer, whose expertise in magnetic sensor is truly unique, and is a perfect partner for us to introduce our technology and equipment for mass production in China,” says Hugh Chau, President and CEO of AVP.

Our Chinese customer has already been evaluating many magnetic thin film deposition technologies and equipment for a long time. “The reason to select AVP’s equipment and technology is it provides the best and reliable magnetic thin film processes. AVP is the most experienced company in magnetic thin film deposition and etching production. This makes them a natural partner for us. Additionally, AVP’s technology provides us with a cost-competitive solution,” says Dr. Wan, VP of Operation.